Veronica Ricci and Kymberly Jane in Where the Sun Dont Shine HD


Kimberly Jane and Veronica Ricci are beauties who have hired some construction workers. Since the men haven_t done a good job, Kimberly Jane uses her special shrink ray to shrink them down – to a size so small that Veronica tells her they are now good for nothing. These two gorgeous Giantess_s pick up the teeny men and find some good uses for them They are pushed into their pussies, but when they try to fight back it only adds to the girls_ pleasure You_ll see all the action close up, as well as VOR, boob squishing, ass squashes, and hot girl on girl action They also give YOU their special looks Enjoy

Contains Dialogue

Time: 09:37

GIANTESS – TywestVideos–Naughty


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Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:09:40

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