Giantess School (HD)

Well now that Giantess Rachel found all those Little Men in her Office,
Secret is Out

Rachel goes to find Marie, who admits she knew about them all along,
and decides she might as well teach Rachel a few tricks about how
to enjoy her Little Men the best.

Marie explains that they (the Little Men) taste best when inserted into
her pussy,
to be kept warm and gooey for later. In spite of how much these _Little
complain, cry and scream while being stuffed up Marie_s Giant Orafice,
just can_t help but try it out for herself.

Rachel and Marie go on the prowl, seeking out Little Men to stuff
themselves, and together they discuss and enjoy the pleasures of
inserting them.

When Marie leaves the room to go find some more Little Men, Rachel
takes off
in another Direction, looking for a private place to eat them. As she
roams thru
the Play Place, picking up several Little Men along the way, tucking
them safely
inside her pussy, Rachel finally finds an Empty Bathroom.

It_s there that Rachel takes a seat, and one by one begins to devour
the Little Men
she_s been keeping warm all this time.

When she_s had her fill, Rachel_s shocked to find that there_s at least
still left inside her Pussy. But she decides to wait until later,
leaving that last Little
Man to wonder what his fate will be.

This complete scene runs 13 Minutes and is Perfectly Formated in
Media 9 High Definition at 1280 x 720p HD. The sound is CD Quality

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